Looking Back – my time so far on the blogosphere

Looking over this whole blogging experience, I’ve already learnt a lot. Surprisingly, I’ve found this world of blogging isn’t such a scary place after all. Typing away into the late hours of the night and establishing this online presence has been quite an interesting experience.

CREDIT: Zadorozhnyi Viktor, Shutterstock

CREDIT: Zadorozhnyi Viktor, Shutterstock

I couldn’t predict how these few short weeks could completely change my views of the media. Particularly the very first theory of media effects really got me thinking. From then on, I haven’t been so quick to blame the media. However, this week’s topic of surveillance and the media begged me to ask, if our online activities are being so closely monitored by the media, who then, is watching the media?

Well, I suppose as a communication and media student it must be me!

As we’re all active internet users (well I’m assuming so, seeing as you’re online reading my blog), how much of our online activities and actions are being monitored, and by who? For example, whilst on my g-mail account last year, sending emails about university applications I became bombarded with ads for all kinds of universities in Australia. I particularly noticed this with the 15 second ads on YouTube. Therefore the media is a place where information and ideas are exchanged and it’s certainly changing the landscape of communication.

I’ve discovered the media in general is a public space on which we can learn about people from all over. A special shout out to my readers from the U.S and potentially other countries. It’s pretty exciting for an Australian uni student, who has never travelled outside of Australia mind you, to have her words viewed from the other side of the planet!

Even receiving comments from fellow students has enriched this whole experience. Even more so, in reading other blogs I have come to know more about these media theories we’ve explored over the past few weeks, giving me new perspectives of the weekly topics. I’ve discovered blogging to be a whole new vehicle of peer-learning and my knowledge has been enhanced because of it. Furthermore, a really valuable skill I’ve taken from participating in the ‘blogosphere’ is how to write better. I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed my blog so far, keep an eye out for more exciting things to come.

Thanks, that’s all for now,



2 thoughts on “Looking Back – my time so far on the blogosphere

  1. The idea that, as a person studying the media, you’re the person watching the media watch others, is a really interesting point. It points out that the media isn’t the be all and end all, and that we can ourselves observe it. Good point!

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