About Me!

Hello Everyone!

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Jasmine. It’s a pleasure to meet you, welcome to my blog. ‘Off the Top of my Head.’

From a young age I’ve always been interested in people, and how they interact. How relationships can inspire change and how someone’s strength can overcome many things. Hopefully, I can spend my life telling these sorts of stories and raising voices that may not have been heard before.

In today’s day and age, technology and media seems to be all we hear about, so I know what better way to distribute these stories than by taking full advantage of the media we have at our fingertips. And you sitting wherever you are, reading this post on this blog by little old me proves that.

Thinking deeper about the media we consume and how that affects how we interact with other is a passion of mine. It’s amazing to think about how far we’ve come and astounding to imagine how much further we will go! So if you have some time, want to read more about people and this weird world we know was the internet, then check in every now and then.

I promise there will be something new coming straight from off the top of my head for you to read!

Thank you!


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